The University of London Symphony Orchestra is widely recognised as one of the leading student orchestras in the UK. Founded in 1955, ULSO was established to give students from the diverse academic backgrounds of the University of London the opportunity to develop their interests in orchestral playing.

The Orchestra seeks to provide the unique opportunity to study and perform some of the most challenging symphonic repertoire to the very highest standards, both for students not specifically studying music who wish to further their performance skills, as well as those pursuing careers as professional musicians.

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ULSO is made up of students from nearly every university in London. We are unique in that we offer students the opportunity to rehearse and perform large-scale symphonic works to an exceptionally high standard, regardless of what they study - entry is soley by audition. We have a strong mix of both Conservatoire students and students who wish to pursue music as a serious hobby.

ULSO rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings between 18:30 and 21:30 at St Stephen's Church, Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4RL.


Daniel Capps - Music Director

Daniel is our current Music Director and Principal Conductor. He first performed with ULSO in 2010 and has remained closely involved during his residency in New York. Read his full biography at danielcapps.com.

Guest Conductors

Every year, ULSO invites professional guest conductors to lead some of our projects. We have been fortunate to have attracted conductors of exceptional quality, including Peter Stark, Justin Doyle, Masayuki Cavalho and William Carslake.

ULSO is run by students for students. A committee is elected from the orchestra each year and is responsible for the behind-the-scenes organisation necessary for the success of the orchestra. Here are the profiles of the current committee members so you can spot them during rehearsal. Come and say hello!


Photo of current Chair

Lavinia Kadar
King's College


Hi, I am Lavinia and I am the chair of ULSO. I play the violin and am in my third year studying biomedical science at King’s. My role entails leading the orchestra committee, directing communication with conductors and venues as well as heading the artistic direction and decision-making for the season. We have an exciting season ahead and I cannot wait to hear ULSO playing again! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have:)

Orchestral Manager

Photo of current Orchestral Manager

Athalie Armon-Jones


Hi, I'm Athalie Armon-Jones and I'm the Orchestral Manager for ULSO for 2021/2022. I study the viola at the Royal Academy of Music and I can't wait to be playing with all my friends again as soon as possible! As part of my role this year, I’ll be organising the auditions as well as managing the fixing of players for the orchestra.

Orchestral Fixer

Photo of current Treasurer

Alex Seow
Queen Mary's Graduate


Heya! I’m Alex, the assistant orchestral manager for ULSO this year. I play violin, and am a 3rd year Biochemistry student at Queen Mary. Fun fact - I got a little too obsessed with plants after being stuck in my room with them over lockdown, and now my room is practically a plant nursery. I’m looking forward to playing with other people in real life again (and maybe gifting fellow orchestra members my overabundance of plants). I'll be helping with the duties of the orchestral manager, mainly helping with the fixing of the orchestra. Come say hello!


Photo of current treasurer

Magdalena Müller
King's College


Hi, I am Magdalena Müller and I am the treasurer of ULSO for the 2021/22 season. I play the viola, the most beautiful instrument of them all, as the whole world knows. I am going into my second year of PPE at King’s and I am looking forward to making music together very much.


Photo of current treasurer

Angela Lochmuller
King's College


Hello! I’m Angela, and I’m a fourth year medic at KCL- I’ve been playing with ULSO since my first year. As publicity officer, I’m in charge of marketing and social media. Crucially, I provide tea and biscuits for rehearsals, and instigate our post-rehearsal pub trips!


Photo of current treasurer

Rita Fernandes
King's College Graduate


Hi, I'm Rita Fernandes and I am the assistant publicity officer for ULSO 2021/22. I am a violinist and recent music graduate from King's College London, and I currently work as an editorial assistant at The Strad magazine. Having played with ULSO, I can't wait to help with its organisation! In my role, I will help the publicity officer advertise our projects, manage our social media and make sure everyone knows about ULSO!

Friends & Sponsorship

Photo of current webmaster

Jaeho Bae


Hi! My name is Jaeho Bae and I am the Friends and Sponsorship Officer. I play the cello and am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student. I simply can’t wait to start playing in ULSO again after these past 18 months. I look forward to meeting you all and do feel free to reach out to me as well!


Photo of current webmaster

Tim Heightman


This is my 3rd year in ULSO and 2nd on committee! I am the developer and maintainer of this website, and I play violin. If you notice anything weird or broken, let me know!