Depping Policy


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Full attendance is expected at all rehearsals except where otherwise indicated (i.e. if you are only involved in some and not all repertoire). We have a strong orchestra this year but cannot meet our full potential unless everyone is present when required. It is not enough to be able to play your part - absences affect everyone.

However, we do understand that some situations are beyond members' control. We are happy to accommodate reasonable absences but letting us know well in advance and providing a suitable deputy (dep) is essential.

As such, we have a depping policy, which applies to all players:


  • The orchestral manager ( must be notified of planned absences before the beginning of the project and a dep must be provided in each case.
  • If situations beyond your control mean that your availability changes during a project, you must contact the orchestral manager immediately and provide a dep. It is mandatory for wind, brass, percussion and principal string players to provide deps in their absence unless agreed beforehand.
  • Non-attendance without advance notice is not acceptable under any circumstances and will jeopardise your position in the orchestra.
  • Absence with only short-notice, including notifying us on the day of a rehearsal, is only acceptable in exceptional circumstances (e.g. illness, emergency, bereavement). Provision of a dep is still required.
  • Deps

  • It is the responsibility of the absent player to provide a suitable dep for any rehearsal missed and to ensure that they have the necessary music. We may be able to help you if you are having difficulty in making such arrangements but this is only possible if we know well in advance.
  • You must provide the orchestral manager with the contact details of your dep, including name, mobile number and email address. This should be arranged as far in advance as possible.
  • General rules

  • We hope that you understand that this policy exists for the benefit of all orchestra members and to ensure fairness in participation. Failure to comply could lead to your exclusion from further projects.
  • In all cases, the orchestral manager should be contacted promptly by email or phone/text and you should not assume that your absence is approved until you have received their response. If you should experience any difficulties in contacting the orchestral manager, then you must contact the chair (