The University of London Symphony Orchestra is widely recognised as one of the leading student orchestras in the UK. Founded in 1955, ULSO was established to provide students from the diverse academic backgrounds of the University of London’s component colleges with the opportunity to play together.

The orchestra seeks to provide students with the unique opportunity to study and perform some of the most challenging symphonic repertoire to the highest standard, catering both for those wishing to continue and develop their performance skills whilst completing degrees in non-musical subjects, as well as attracting members seeking to pursue careers in professional music.

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ULSO is made up of students from nearly every univerisity in London. We are unique in that we offer the opportunity to rehearse and perform large-scale symphonic works at an exceptionally high level and on a regular basis to students regardless of what they study - entry is soley by performance at auditon. We always have a mix of conservetoire students and students who wish to pursue music as a serious hobby.


Daniel Capps - Music Director

Daniel is Conductor at the New York City Ballet and is our current Music Director and Principal Conductor. He has conducted ULSO since 2010 and now performs around three projects with us per year. Read his full biography at danielcapps.com.

Guest Conductors

Every year, ULSO also invites professional guest conductors to take on some of our projects. We have been fortunate to have attracted conductors of exceptional quality, including Peter Stark, Justin Doyle, Masayuki Cavalho and William Carslake but to name a few.

ULSO is run by students for students. A committee is elected from the orchestra each year and is responsible for the behind-the-scenes organisation necesary for the success of the orchestra. Here are the profiles of the current committee members so you can spot them during rehearsal. Come and say hello!


Photo of current Chair

Ryan Delgado Barreiro Bassoon, RAM


Hi! I’m Ryan, a post-graduate student at the Royal Academy of Music, and I’m excited to be the Chair of ULSO this year. I am responsible for leading the orchestra committee, directing communications with conductors, venues, and the rest of the committee, and heading the artistic direction and decision-making for the season. I also work with the orchestral managers to assist with fixing players for the orchestra. We have a wonderfully vibrant and challenging season of concerts this year, and I do hope that you’ll be able to join us to enjoy our work, whether as an audience member or as a player!

Orchestral Manager

Photo of current Orchestral Manager

Sally Palmer Flute, RAM


Hello! I’m Sally and I’m taking on the role of Orchestral Manager with ULSO for the 2019/2020 season. I studied flute at the Royal Academy of Music and I loved being a part of ULSO during my studies! As part of my role this year, I’ll be organising the auditions as well as managing the fixing of players for the orchestra.

Assistant Manager

Photo of current Treasurer

Hannah Littlechild Violin, Trinity Laban


Hi! My name is Hannah and I will be the assistant orchestral manager this year. I'll be helping with the duties of the orchestral manager, mainly helping with the fixing of the orchestra. Come say hello!


Photo of current treasurer

Jennifer Stoddart Violin, Imperial


Hi, I’m Jennifer. As the treasurer for ULSO, I am responsible for managing the finances for the orchestra. If you have any issues with paying your membership then I'm the one to look for!


Photo of current treasurer

Tim Heightman Violin, Imperial


Hello, I'm Tim! I'm the new publicity officer for this year. I shall be trying to secure large audiences for the orchestra by advertising far and wide, as well as managing the social media, supplying refreshments for the rehearsals, and getting everyone to the pub after all our hard work!


Photo of current treasurer

Joey Lam Violin, KCL


Hello! I'm Joey and I'm ULSO's librarian for the year. This is my second year in the orchestra and I'm currently studying music at KCL. As the librarian, I am responsible for the music for our projects - both hard copies for rehearsals and scans for practice. So feel free to reach out if you need anything!

Development Officer

Photo of current treasurer

Jessica Chen Violin, UCL


Hiya! I'm Jessica, a wee undergrad at UCL. This year, I'll be ULSO's development officer - we've got big things planned for the 2019/20 season, so sign up and get excited! Regarding my role, I'll be working with the rest of the committee to help with the overall expansion and improvement of ULSO, such as opportunities for our players to participate in more projects per season and playing at bigger venues. If you've got any ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see ULSO try, don't be shy - I'd love to know!