Concerto Competition

ULSO holds a concerto competition each year, open to its members and reserves. Winners have the opportunity to perform a concerto with ULSO in a future project.

2020/21 Season

Registration for this year's competition is not yet open. Please come back at a later date for more details. ULSO is planning on starting projects by January 2021 at the earliest.

2019/20 Season

Before the pandemic took over, ULSO accompanied Gabrielė Bekerytė playing Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto in Duke's Hall at the Royal Academy of Music. We hope to release the recording of her performance soon!

Due to the lockdown restrictions earlier this year, concerto competition auditions were not held over this season.

2018/19 Season

The competition was held over two rounds of auditions in March. The final dates and times were:

Round One - Week Commencing 16th March

Round Two - Week Commencing 23rd March

The competition is held over two rounds of auditions.

In Round One, applicants are expected to play the first movement of a concerto lasting no longer than 10 minutes. Successful candidates will progress to Round Two.

In Round Two, for which the Music Director will be present, candidates should present selected passages from ALL movements of their concerto, totalling no more than 25 minutes. The panel may also ask to hear selected passages, so be prepared to play any part of your concerto.

For all rounds:

  • You must bring a copy of the piano or orchestral score of the piece your are peforming for the panel
  • It is strongly recommended for you to perform with an accompanist. Unfortunately, ULSO will not be able to supply an accompanist.
  • The piece or concerto you choose to play in the competition can be the same or different from the one you eventually perform with ULSO.

The winners of the 2018/19 competition were:

Anna Roder - Violin

Gabrielė Bekerytė - Piano

Alexei Watkins – French Horn

Previous winners of the competition include: